Mick Upton, NOEA member, the godfather of crowd safety management sadly passed away on the 4th of June. Many of us had the privilege of learning from the master as far back as the 80,s and we are eternally grateful that we came under his sphere of influence during our careers. Micks enthusiasm , passion and foresight led to the the development of crowd safety standards and his pioneering work has led to safer events and improvements in practice. He founded Showsec back in 1982 and also set up the ukcma. Crowd management was a calling for Mick not just a job, he imparted knowledge , help and guidance to all that needed it and expected nothing in return An inspiration, a star, a legend , a gentleman and a scholar ……a jolly nice person. Mick was a foundation stone of the Industry , the world is much poorer without him but his legacy will live for ever. Mick , thanks for everything, rest in peace.