Since launching the title and ambitions for the forthcoming NOEA Conference & Awards event (Bath Pump Rooms and Guildhall  24th November), the response from the industry has been overwhelming.
#makeeventspay In typical NOEA tradition we’re holding back the announcement of our keynote, however tickets are selling fast and we’re keen that this conference ignites a debate in the industry that creates genuine change. We encourage you to book your tickets as soon as possible to be part of an industry changing event. All of these discussions will be supplemented with outstanding central speakers including John Turner, CEO, Visit Somerset, Kay Wozniak, T/A  Chief Constable  Avon and Somerset Police , Kevin Jackson, Director of Ideas & Innovation at The Experience is the Marketing, and many more. Paul Scaith, Founder of Event Wine Solutions, will be moderating a panel on how better margins and profitability can be made through relationships with food and beverage providers; a crucial part of making money out of events. Bob Fox from NCASS will join this panel of experts in the procurement and sale of food and drink. We’re also looking at other areas where money can be saved and made; Marino Fresch from Eventbrite, Jamie Vaughn from Eventbase and Scott Hope from AR Experiential will all be talking about the growing role of technology in the commercial journey of an event. We’re therefore delighted to announce that Paul Bedford, Non-Executive Chairman, Edition Capital, will be talking about how he works with the industry to financially improve and protect it. We have Lee Denny from Leefest who will talk on Crowd Funding, and Chris McCormick, from the Blue Peg sponsorship consultancy; all as part of a central panel discussion on gaining investment.It was out of this feedback that ‘Project Commercialisation: How to Make More Money Out of Events’ was born. The aim not just to create bigger profits for the industries, but create a discussion on how commercial we are as an industry and how we can improve in these areas. We’re delighted with the response, both from members, but also from a growing number of elite speakers that will address the conference on this subject. Following last years’ conference, the association spent a lot of time with members to understand the issues that most matter to them. Overwhelmingly these split into two areas; firstly, the lack of commercial stability that both their events and their businesses were feeling. This is an industry where the uncontrollable can cut deep into the profits and viability of businesses overnight. Secondly was the concern over unprofessional or unethical businesses entering the industry and causing untold harm; given the first concern, this was an area of real passion amongst our members.