Sky Lanterns Press Coverage

Firefighters called 100 times to deal with burning Chinese lanterns 
Smethwick fire: Chinese lantern 'caused largest blaze'

Nanjing declares lights out for Lantern Festival tradition 
Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina among US states to prohibit their use.

Farmer calls for Chinese lanterns to be banned.

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service have lent their weight to appeals by the RSPCA and Country Land and Business Association (CLA) for the sky lanterns to be prohibited in the county by local authorities.

THE COUNTY'S Chief Fire Officer has called for an urgent review of sky lanterns following a devastating blaze at a caravan park.

The fire at Croft Farm Leisure Park in Bredons Hardwick last month destroyed more than 80 towing caravans and mobile homes in storage, but firefighters managed to stop the flames spreading to a 2,000-litre fuel storage tank.

Boy burned by Chinese lantern in Wrexham.
THE mum of a little boy whose face was badly burned by a Chinese lantern has called for stricter safety regulations on their use.
Chinese lantern "most likely" cause of fire at Croft Farm near Tewkesbury.
Family forced to flee their home after a sky lantern set fire to their roof.